New Business TV Interviews: Robert Scoble is among the world’s best known tech journalists, with an eye for what’s next in technology, business and life. recently interviewed Scoble for 90 minutes and we are delighted to post the first of a series of business tv shows featuring Scoble, where he discusses how rapid technological change is changing the way business leaders need to operate.

Scoble has just published a new book with Shel Israel. The key message from their new book Age of Context? It’s all about winning.

Age of Context looks at the convergence of five powerful forces, which, together, open up a new digital world where software will do very powerful things for all of us.

As discussed in Age of Context the forces are mobile, social, big data, sensors and location, and the possibilities are, according to the authors, both limitless and imminent.

According to Scoble, if you want to understand what’s going to happen to your business you’d better understand the innovators who are changing your business.

Scoble began the business tv interview by putting on a pair of reflective Oakley ski goggles to check out his “heads up” display.

He’s interviewed the start-up that makes the compute package in them, Recon Instruments, and also Oakley as well as talking to Google about Google Glass, and lots of start-ups that you’ve never heard of about what’s coming.

Business TV shows about the Age of Context

According to Bob Barker, Scoble is one of the people with the most deep knowledge about the digital industry and where its going.

He’s been around and interviewed all these companies that are really doing amazing things and it’s very inspiring. He has personally selected 30,000 people to follow and he’s really serious about that.

Stay tuned to for this unique series of business tv shows which will explore the opportunities presented in the Age of Context.


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