In this briefing we share four Business leadership videos on the essence of business success. In the Business leadership videos each expert reveals one proven strategy they have personally adopted, or that they recommend.

Business leadership videos on strategies for success

1. Work hard and create relationships: According to Jo Malone, Founder of Jo Malone & JO LOVES, the formula for success is hardwork, courage and tenacity. She says entrepreneurs should create a team that feels like a family. There is a value in building real relationships in business.

2. Plan with purpose: Dr Stephanie Hussels, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Cranfield University says that entrepreneurs are good at spotting opportunities. Luck comes to the hardworking but there must be a vision and a purpose. This should be planned for and be communicated clearly your whole team.

3. Change with the times: Dean van Leeuwen, Chief Intellectual Adventurer at TomorrowToday warns that previous achievements do not ensure success in the future. Business leaders need to adapt to new rules. They need to tell stories, collaborate, look at risk and reward, embrace technological innovation, understand people, and be transparent.

4. Manage expectations: Seamus Gillen, FCIS Policy director at ICSA, argues that that technology and social media is very important in a 24/7 environment. Media can define the success and credibility of an organisation. Companies must manage stakeholder expectations and deliver what is needed to gain support.

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