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Business Growth Strategies

A potent mix of euro-crisis, recession, disruptive technology plus a new generation of tech savvy consumers has blown traditional industries apart.

According to the OECD the bad times are mainly behind us and things look more positive for Europe and other key markets in 2014. But business growth is still challenging and often slow.

Yet a new breed of business people like Colin Stevens, National Business Awards Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 have been achieving explosive growth by using technology to better meet customer needs.

The double digit growth of the UK’s digital economy (the largest internet economy of any G20 country) offers entrepreneurs a golden ticket according to Jo Malone.

At the same time changes to the regulatory environment in the form of FRS 102 are set to have a major impact on balance sheets.

In this show UK business personalities give their thoughts on achieving business growth and financial success in an era of unprecedented change and opportunity.

Don’t forget to follow us in for weekly indepth briefings on key business issues and new videos every day.