In this briefing successful entrepreneurs like Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickenson and Martha Lane Fox give business sales advice. According to award winning businessman Colin Stevens, the best business sales advice is to base every single decision around what is best for the customer.

Expert Business Sales Advice

Listen to your customer: Colin Stevens, Founder and Leader of Better bases his decisions around their effects on the customer. He will look at feedback from social media and other interfaces and will change processes and products accordingly. His business sales advice is to work your business model to suit customer needs. Better Bathrooms extended its exchange policy in order to offer customers more flexibility.

Treat customers as human beings: Bruce Dickinson, Airline Entrepreneur says human beings are simple creatures. He says that beyond basic needs all desires are about gratification. Therefore his business sales advice is to offer something that people want. He recognises that what people want from an airline is to get from A to B quickly with little fuss, and sees it as his job to facilitate this.

Understand that Consumers are diverse: Martha Lane Fox, former UK Digital Champion says that business are now able to be much more targeted and segmented about consumers. They can address particular customer profiles. Technology and website data is now allowing business to understand the complexity of customer behaviour. It has greatly changed Channel 4’s understanding of their viewers.

Connect on Social Media: Graeme Codrington, Futurist, TomorrowToday believes that social media usage is driven by a human desire to connect. He says it is the best way in history to make a connection. The technology is the facilitator.

Offer alternatives to digital: Ibrahim Ibrahim, Managing Director of Portland Design Associates says that with the rise of connective digital technology it will become entirely normal to know where anyone is at any time. There are issues of privacy of course. There is also an opportunity for brands to offer people the intimate experiences they will inevitably crave to compensate for this digitilisation. His business sales advice is that some businesses should consider un-digitising.