Digital retail is non-negotiable

Author: Alice Breheny, James Kirk (

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Digital retail is the future, and retailers have to embrace it says Henderson's Alice Breheny in this Inside Finance TV interview.

Digital retail or decline

Oh, I mean the ramifications, it’s terrible really, I mean I think, you know, if you don’t embrace it then you know, you’re on a slippery slope really into decline, whether you’re a retailer or a property owner.

I think you can defend yourself against it and keep your head above water.

But those that are going to thrive are those that really embrace it and seek every opportunity to exploit it.

But you know, we certainly see locations becoming unviable eventually, you know, there’ll be very little reason for people to visit them.

Retailers that, if they don’t up their game, you know, the competition out there is really fierce at the moment and certain asset types that just won’t be relevant in the future.


Inside Finance will continue to look at digital retail and the affects of digital technology on other industries.

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