Investors are itching to invest

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MarketInvoice's business model innovation means that new business can get funding without going through a bank. In this TV show Anil Stocker explains how the company use a digital platform to connect people to funds.

Business model innovation from MarketInvoice

We’re not a bank, we don’t have a large pot of money which we’re lending out through MarketInvoice’s platform to businesses, what we have is we have, you know, over 150 registered funders, and these are high net worths, sophisticated investors, investment professionals, hedge funds, family offices, people who are sitting on a lot of cash but have never had a way of channelling this money to SMEs directly. And our technology on the investors’ side allows them to put money onto the platform and set what their return and risk profiles they want and our system pulls that money straight in to fund the companies’ invoices. And what’s interesting is that we’ve done no marketing to funders and yet we have a huge backlog, wait list of people who want to put money into the platform. At any given point in time there’s a backlog of £20m, and that shows that, you know, these people are really gagging to put money to work and they don’t have to go through the banking infrastructure to do it.

Inside Finance will continue to bring you fantastic examples of business model innovation in the digital world.

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