Business innovation skills and “outside-in”

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Business innovation skills can be brought in from outside an organisation. David Moschella discusses changing the structure of a business to incorporate external capabilities:

Business innovation skills are everywhere.

We talk a lot in our work about this shift from an inside out to more of an outside in organisation. And what we mean by that is really quite simple. That traditionally firms were very focused on their own internal resources, internal capabilities and skills and had their own internal value chain of how they did things. But today there’s so much capability outside in the marketplace of cloud services, the knowledge of employees, partners, the emerging ecosystems, that firms need to in many cases look first to the outside world to find resources, capabilities, transient issues, and secondary to their own organisations. And that's that’s a big shift particularly for enterprise IT people who have grown up in a world of internal systems, internal procedures, internal processes and internal controls. This is a very big change from inside out to outside in. But it’s not one or the other. You know, internal processes, internal  systems, internal skills and values are still amazingly important. Apple is a company that does a tremendous amount internally. It has been a tremendous success. But the trend in terms of where innovation is heading, where market developments, and where sort of the competition is really happening is increasingly outside the walls of the firm. So it’s more of a significant adjustment  than a total transformation. Inside Finance will continue to follow ideas about business innovation skills and we will have more videos from David Moschella.
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    Digital Forces turn businesses Outside In

    Traditionally business has focused on its own internal capabilities and value chain and taken that out into the market. But today there are so many capabilities outside in the marketplace, (like cloud services) so you need to look first to the outside world to find networks, resources and collaboration opportunities. This is a big shift. [...]