24/7 media environment brings more accountability

Author: Seamus Gillen, James Kirk (

Categories: Business risk, Governance
Tags: Social Media

Seamus Gillen FCIS, Policy Director, ICSA on how 24/7 media environment brings more accountability

The role of technology, the role of social media is very important.  We’re living in 24/7 environment, we need to encourage organisations to understand that accountability is now driven by 24/7 agenda and as social media is always on and that organisations are living in a goldfish bowl of public opinion and public scrutiny And that is a big challenge actually, helping organisations to realise that their positioning and their credibility in society, and their success as an organisation or as a business is dependent upon managing stakeholder expectations.  Which is why I go back to governance as one of the principle drivers of that, because if you’re well run and you are managing stakeholder expectations of how you run as a company or as an organisation, you’re going to enjoy levels of support which will always feed through social media, currents and trends and issues and crises or whatever. So organisations need to be clear about what they stand for.  They need to deliver against what people expect of them and then they can begin to manage the whole technological revolution and the social media revolution which is concentrating, public opinion and commentary on how they’re doing.
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