Person centred planning: A survey of family office clients

Author: Charles Gowlland, James Kirk (

Categories: Entrepreneurs, Family Business, Research
Tags: education, established money, generations, investments, tax
Person centred planning means understanding the needs of the client and working from there. In this TV show Charles Gowlland of Smith & Williamson discusses the survey they did to find out about their family office clients.

Research for person centred planning

We wanted to understand what our family office contacts and clients were thinking about all manner of subjects, not just about investments or tax or education but a whole number of topics, so we interviewed over the course of 2013 nearly 40 families with whom we had contact and some of whom we acted for already, most of whom we acted for already and in total their wealth we estimated over a billion pounds. We wanted to get the broadest possible idea of what people were thinking and so we were conscious to try to ask some entrepreneurs, newer money, perhaps the two generations, the generation that had made it, who might have had young children, as well as much more established money that might have been in existence for five or six generations. Because we act for such a wide range of clients we were able to sort of capture what they all thought.

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