Innovative technology- Bob Barker reviews Age of Context

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Of all the innovative technology mentioned in Robert Scoble's book, it's the sensors that get Bob Barker's attention on today's TV show.

Innovative Technology - Sensors are a "hub of context"

Okay so the Age of Context book that Robert Scoble and Shel Isreal have written. I began to read it and it started going into the five things that were important, that were big data and social and mobile and location and I’m thinking, I’ve heard about that a lot. But then came the sensor fifth thing which really bought the book alive for me, because throughout the whole book he’s talking about the sensors that are, I think you have on average seven sensors in your phone now. So that’s your kind of hub of context because it knows where you are, it knows what day it is, it knows your calendar, there’s all those things. Then he talks about the sensors that Google glass can help you with, then he talks about the sensors that are in the ground, the sensors that are on pills, it just goes on and on and on about all these things that clever companies are doing in the health industry, in the government, in the defence industry, all kinds of industries with all this new technology and it really brings it alive. And of course the great thing about Scoble is he’s been around and interviewed all these companies that are really doing real things now and it’s very inspiring that people from across the world, not just Silicone Valley, but companies in Barcelona and companies in Japan and all over the place, so really, really fascinating book. Inside Finance TV will continue to follow discussions about innovative technology - Look out for more from Bob Barker.
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