An alternative to a family office

Author: Frank Akers-Douglas

Categories: Family Business, Family companies, Getting advice
Tags: customer service, family office, skilled specialists, tailored approach, wealth
Frank Akers-Douglas:  "Like high net worth individual, it depends, it means different things to different people.  To Americans it largely means the investment management process for a family.  But a European family office model is much broader than that and really brings together all of the financial advisery aspects that you as a family need, whether it be tax, accountancy, investment management etc, financial planning, to your and your family’s affairs.  So what we are seeking to provide is those services to wealthy individuals who either choose not to have their own family office and there are good reasons not to, or frankly, can’t afford to establish their own family office.  But nevertheless are sufficiently wealthy to need a cohesive and comprehensive suite of advisery services."
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