Artificial intelligence in the future world of work

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Artificial intelligence in the future might replace professionals, as technology could automate the procedures which workers currently follow. Graeme Codrington gives his view in this TV show.

Artificial intelligence in the future - The GP

Take your local GP. You to to your GP you've got something that you feel is really wrong with you, pain down the side of your body. You go in to the GP and the GP follows a very strict diagnostic pattern. In fact you'd be upset if they didn't follow the medical practices as laid out by the Medical Council of your country. Once they've got a diagnosis based on that very strict process, they then probably turn to their computers and go on to just to double check and make sure they've got the latest information because just like you, your doctor only had to get 50% to pass at university, and I don't know if you have ever thought about that, about which 50% you're happy your doctor doesn't know. So you are actually very comfortable that they go the internet to find that extra information. and then of course they send you off to a lab for tests, and at the lab is just a machine that takes your blood, everything is automated. So even one of the most intimate of professions, the doctor, is easily replaced. Just like the investment banker. this is happening and is going to continue to happen over the next decade. It's almost every profession from accountants and lawyers, who I think will be the first to go, all the way through to medical doctors and everything in between could easily be replaced by technology. ________________________________________________________________ Inside Finance TV will continue to discuss artificial intelligence and the future world of work. Look out for more from Graeme Codrington.
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