Attitude to risk: Successful IT investors are risk averse

Author: Michael Pagliari, James Kirk (

Categories: Business risk, Business Strategy, Technology
Tags: assets, Investment, money managment

The attitude to risk form those in high risk environments is to exercise caution as Michael Pagliari explains in this TV show.

A cautious attitude to risk

I actually have a few clients that have done exactly that and I’ve actually found that there I’m on the more cautious of our clients.  So their business risk, if you like, is very high and they’re well aware of it and the last thing they want to do is suffer losses under their financial asset portfolio, so I’ve tended to find those people the most cautious of all the clients that I manage money for. Investment does involve risk. The value of investments can go down as well as up. This video contains information believed to be reliable but no guarantee is given. See Video for full disclaimer.

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