Auto-enrolment and existing pension schemes

Author: Ian Luck

Categories: Business Strategy, Employees
Tags: auto-enrolment, benefits, culture
Ian Luck: "The first thing to do is to look at the existing scheme.  Is it going to be appropriate for your needs as an employer post auto-enrolment, just because you have a scheme.  That’s the first thing, that’s a good thing because it means that you’ve actually been at least rewarding staff in the past through the use of a pension arrangement.  But is that scheme going to be appropriate for the wider employee numbers that you have once you need to auto enrol them?  It’s easy to look towards your existing scheme as being the end profit, the end use.  But that may not be appropriate.  By introducing a whole range of workforce who didn’t want to be in the pension plan in the first place, you might actually end up watering down the quality of the scheme that you already have in place.  It is very much a horses for courses.  And whilst your existing scheme might be appropriate, if you’ve got a large number of your employees already in it, if you’ve got a vast number of your employees who are not engaged in the pension process then that will need a different response altogether. There are a number of alternatives out there as you’d imagine.  But...and part of the problem or part of the help that we can give is to actually source the right response for the right company, whether that be Nest or one of the other alternatives or one of the more traditional pension providers."
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