Business advantage discussions crucial in mergers

Author: Giles Murphy, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Growth, Mergers
Tags: disruption, firms
Business advantage must be the focus of any merger discussions. In this TV show Giles Murphy explains one of the big reasons why mergers fail.

Business advantage clarity

I think it is about being very clear about what the benefits are of actually merging with another organisation. Inevitably, as I say, there will be downsides, there will be costs involved, disruption, and just the risk of a transaction of that nature. So being very clear up front and being able to articulate precisely why the merger is going to be beneficial for the business is often forgotten about or possibly gets lost in the discussions and the debates between the two firms. And I think unless that can be at the forefront of everyone’s minds as a reminder as to why this transaction is so important, the discussions can just generally grind to a halt and negotiation occurs over the more minor irrelevant points of the merger rather than focusing on the key issues.  

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