Business advantages of going public

Author: Philip Quigley, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Growth, Business risk, Cash flow, Restructuring & Recovery
Tags: public company, Shareholders
The business advantages of a public company are compared to those of being a private company by Philip Quigley in this TV show.

Business advantages comparison

The flipside is that if you’ve got a private equity investor, you’ve got one investor sitting on your board and you really have to take notice of them. If you’re a public company with a broader base of shareholders then you haven’t quite got the concentration of power in one set of hands that you would have with PE. The great thing, you know, about being, is you’ve then got shares you can use for acquisitions. They’re a liquid form of currency other than cash. So you can use your shares to make acquisitions. And if, you know, that should be your plan, it’s a growth market on AIM, it’s not for companies who are going to steadily grow, it’s for companies who are going to look to expand quickly.

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