Business assets need to be evaluated carefully

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Business assets that are being bought or sold should only be valuated by a professional. Ignoring this may lead to huge losses or even liability. In this TV show John Rugman discusses getting the right valuation advice.

Getting professional advice for business assets valuations

It’s important to get some professional help. The area is quite technical, there’s a lot of judgement involved and it’s important that the end number is sound, it can be cross checked against experience of valuations and other assets and companies. There’s something around the expertise in this area, because it’s an area where quite often people have a go. So there’s quite a lot of unprofessionalism if you like, people have a go at doing a valuation, anyone can calculate a number, yeah that’s the easy bit. So I think there is something around specialists who do evaluation work all day every day, I think there’s something around the fact that I’ve seen people get it really badly wrong and get sued, so. So there are a variety of different sources from where you can see a valuation. I think the key thing to note is there is usually a lot of money at stake and the discipline itself is quite subjective. So it’s important to go to specialists who are familiar with the circumstance, used to doing valuations, understand the methodologies, so they can reach a conclusion which is right.

Inside Finance will continue to share comments on areas of risk for business and business assets. There are more TV shows to come from John Rugman.

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