Business benefits of evaluation

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There are business benefits to doing evaluations before making purchases, and there are also times when evaluations are necessary. In this TV show John Rugman explains why and when businesses need to be evaluated.

Business benefits from proper assessment

Evaluation is required for a number of different circumstances, it might be that you’re selling a business and you want to know what the value of that business is in advance of the process. It might be that you’re wanting to grant some share options or some shares to employees in that business, in which case you’re going to need evaluation for tax purposes. Or it could be that you need to report some fair values in your accounts and need some input into what those might be. So there can be substantial amounts of money at stake. I’m conscious of one client where we assisted them in relation to a potential purchase of that business and we managed to raise the initial offer for that business by 50%, so they achieved a price 50% higher than they would otherwise have achieved.

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