Business benefits of investing in the UK

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There are many business benefits of the UK environment as Stephen Drew of Smith & Williamson discusses in this TV show.

UK's business benefits

I think there are a variety of reasons as to why people would choose the UK as a good place to invest. Certainly we have some interesting sectors that appeal to a large number of investors from outside of the UK, and in particular we’re seeing a lot of activity in life sciences, the creative industries around professional practices and professional services and in the technology space. So they’re sectors that are seen as high growth and there are foreign investors that want a piece of that action and therefore they have a certain amount of appeal to see how they can get involved with those sectors. When combined with a business environment that’s reasonably friendly and it’s quite easy to get involved with those businesses, to make the investment programmes, and to start fresh businesses and that makes it an easier investment decision compared to other territories. The UK government has been very helpful in trying to make the taxation environment business-friendly and therefore there are attractions again for encouraging foreign investors to actually put cash into the UK economy, which will help the general improvement in what we’re looking for within the UK as well.

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