Business communication methods are evolving

Author: Bob Barker, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Strategy, Communications, Marketing Strategy
Business communication methods can be approached with a process.  Bob Barker takes us through the journey:

Business communication methods need adapting on several levels

We look at a journey that all companies have got to go on. So at the first level they need to understand, they need to think about the internet, they need to think how the internet works, so there’s a cultural thing. They need to start understanding that the digital world is going to impact them and it’s going to affect their culture, it’s going to affect how they do business. They’ve then got to have a look at how they operate online. So Cloud is really affecting the cost of IT, it’s affecting the capability of IT, you know, sensors that are providing data. There’s a whole sort of revolution there. Then there’s a revolution in the way you collaborate, so how you operate internally. There are lots of these systems that now help us to operate much more collaboratively within the company. People need to look at that area too and how they might use technology to cut down the amount of email people use and to do more video conferencing and all that kind of stuff, and use collaborative applications. Then we get into marketing, which is where we’re trying to use content and trying to get inbound marketing because people are interested in the people that are in your organisation and the content that you’ve got. So you’re trying to attract people inbound. And then finally there’s the area of community, so the new way of leading is forming around community as you know. Based on your own contact as individual because people are following you because you’re well known about what you do, or because the organisation has built a community and you’re trying to get people to join that community and become part of that community, and you’re trying to nurture those people in there. And they will do the marketing for you, and there's examples of people doing the servicing for you, and you’re trying to create a community around what you do. That’s a whole journey that companies have got to go on and it takes time. Hear more about business communication methods onInside Finance TV, where we also have more from Bob Barker.  
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