Business development role in society

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A business development role has implications for larger society. In this TV show Julie Meyer discusses the creation of social contracts.

Business development role - The social contract

We see cracks all over the place, right. We see it all over the place but you have to see the cracks. What we’re trying to do is design the system, but not ourselves, we’re saying here’s what we think. We think, you know, entrepreneurs who go to entrepreneur country every day have a sense of how society should work, right? They’re dealing with the headwinds way at the cockpit of the train, so let’s design society, right? And we just think that the process of building a new social contract is being done. But it’s a very long process, you know. It was 13 years for the United States from whatever to whatever before we had a constitution. And Iraq, you can see a new country, gosh it’s whatever, 13 years. You know, probably at the beginning of the United Kingdom lots of years to get that. It takes a lot of time for people to convene and to say, we are going to live a certain way. After the end of World War 2, Europe, you know, probably, you know, the fifties were all about how are we going to live now that we’ve got all the bad stuff behind us. And so that social contract which was created after the war I think is shattered. What’s not clear is what’s the next social contract. But some of us really care about that. Some of us really care about what that social contract is.

The business development role and other key factors of our changing economy will be discussed in further Inside Finance TV shows.

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