Business Disruption: Understanding the cost of absence

Author: Matthew Haswell, James Kirk (

Categories: Employees, Governance
Tags: absense, employee engagement, FD, Financial Director, HR
Business disruption from absence is bigger than may leaders realise. In this TV show Matthew Haswell answers the question - Do business owners understand the cost of absence?

Awareness of business disruption

I don’t think they do, I mean that’s a broad brush answer, I don’t think they do because sickness absence costs, although in a couple of years, in the last year they have actually gone down slightly but as an overall cost it’s still pretty huge for UK industry particularly, well the private sector most research is done on. Now health and wellbeing and employee engagement and connection and holistic approaches to health and wellbeing is a subject that a lot of people, particularly HR consider, whether HR directors consider it from a cost perspective only or they actually think about holistic products is another question. I think what we’d like to do is encourage finance and HR to look at the question of sickness absence together and come up with a strategy to actually minimise the impact. It’s very difficult to get a finance director to sign off on a request from HR when the finance director can’t actually see why putting these procedures in place or even purchasing insurance or the health related products can actually help matters.

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