Business growth show: A whirlwind of success

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In this business growth show, Colin Stevens of Better Bathrooms discusses how his win at the National Business Awards gave him a publicity boost and increased his sales.

Business growth show: Awards publicity

Staff turnover’s reduced, sales have continued to increase. On our website we have but ‘award winning company’ and that improved conversion rates, which improves sales. People walking into the store say we just read you in the paper. On my twitter feed loads of people started following me, I got interviewed on Sky. This is a funny story. After winning at the National Business Awards it deserved to be celebrated. So we stayed out pretty much all night long in London and had a great time and after two hours sleep I went to Sky news. I was lying on the coach going I don’t think I can go on. I got made up and got the mic on at the studio. As I walking over to Kay Burley I had to dodge all the camera wires. As I was about to go on there was a war hit and I didn’t think I would get to do my bit, but Kay Burley is also from Wigan and she was adamant to get me on. So I did about seven minutes on Sky news. They did a fantastic piece on us they showed the business and the store. Getting that publicity is priceless. We could put it on our website and it provided credibility.

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