Business growth show: Employ the best

Author: Charlie Mullins, James Kirk (

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In this business growth show Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers discusses employing the best apprentices and tradespeople.

Business growth show: Staffing

It’s important to us to make sure that we employ the right people and as far as apprentices go we actually go to the local colleges and we pick the best of the class that’s there. We’ve got that arrangement with the college, they let us know whose really doing well and who would suite us. So in the company we have the pick of the best apprentices. When move on to tradesmen I think our reputation has been out there quite a while now and people know that we’re at the top of the game. Therefore we tend to attract the better tradespersons. We pay the highest rate there is in London, you know if you work as a plumber for Pimlico plumbers you can earn between £75,000 and £125,000. So by employing the best we are the best, and by paying the best we get the best. If you enjoyed this business growth show then please browse more videos on Inside Finance TV.  
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