Business growth show: Established in the UK

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In this business growth show Stephen Drew discusses how structures in the UK make it a reasonably easy place to set up a business.

Business growth show: Setting up shop in 24 hours

it’s very easy for people that want to use the UK as a starting position, either because they see the UK as a good market for their services or products that they want to sell into, or because they see it as a good natural position to build a platform for expansion into the rest of Europe, then the UK offers a very friendly environment to do so. Why would that be? Because it’s very easy to actually get a business established in the UK. If there’s a legal structure, an inbound business wants to set up as a limited company and often that can be formed within 24 hours. There are other structures they may wish to use, which again are quite easy to get into place. The employment position and the regulations around that are fairly easily-understood, now there are certain requirements that people have to go through and often the law is different to their home territory. But with a little bit of advice and guidance it’s relatively straightforward to make sure you have appropriate structures around how you can build your people and your teams. Operating a bank account, again, subject to going through the initial take-on procedures, is relatively straightforward to get that into place. And the other matters that a business that’s coming to the UK that needs to sort out, again with the right sort of guidance and advice, is relatively straightforward, and it’s for those reasons that the UK ranks quite well in the league table in terms of their ease of doing business in that territory compared to other jurisdictions. So for a business that’s spotted an opportunity in their chosen market within the UK, really they can have a fast track approach to getting that business up and running fairly quickly, so they can actually start to concentrate on what matters in terms of building revenues and growing profits.

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