Business growth show: Foreign investment in the UK

Author: Stephen Drew, James Kirk (

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In this business growth show Stephen Drew discusses the increase in businesses flocking to the UK.

Business Growth Show UK

It’s quite interesting to see how there’s been a change in the inflow of businesses coming into the UK over the last few years. If you look at the reports produced by the UKTI, for example, you will see that there’s been an increase in inbound business coming into the UK from a variety of different sources, but by comparison to that sort of in inward investment into the rest of Europe, for example, there’s been a marked increase in the number of businesses that are interested in the UK. There are probably a variety of reasons as to why that is happening. Certainly the UK has positioned itself well as being somewhere where it’s easy to do business for either home-grown business or for inbound business. There’s definitely been an increase in the amount of investment that foreign businesses are looking to make into the UK, either through expanding existing operations they have and therefore investing in plant or machinery or investing in the labour force, but also through businesses looking to start afresh in the UK and using it as a springboard to trade into Europe.

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