Business growth strategy – search and social

Author: Nigel Huddleston, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Growth, Communications, Digital Economy, Technology
Tags: Google, Google Plus, Social Media, travel
Business growth strategy at Google involves developing social platforms alongside existing search functions. Nigel Huddleston explains:

Business growth strategy from Nigel Huddleston

We know that social is really important in travel. We can see from user behaviour that people do actually listen to and act upon the recommendations of people they in particular trust, but even people that they don’t know. So social’s huge, you know, people are actually changing hotels that they choose, they’re even changing which country they’re going to go on holiday based on these kind of social recommendations. So Google’s investing very heavily in it at the moment with Google Plus. But one of the key things there is, it’s not just a standalone, we’re trying to amalgamate it and bring it together with search, so it’s bringing together search and social in a really powerful way. There is more expert discussion about business growth strategy on Inside Finance TV.    
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