Business strategy models for absence prevention

Author: Matthew Haswell, James Kirk (

Categories: Communications, Employees, Leadership
Tags: absence, sick pay
Business strategy models can be put in place to prevent employee absence, as Matthew Haswell discusses in this TV show.

Absence prevention business strategy models

Well the first side, the first thing to do is try and import procedures that are actually going to prevent absence in the first place. Now that doesn’t necessarily relate to immediately spending money, that can be a kind of training and an approach basis. A lot of sickness is recurring, getting to the background of why that sickness is occurring, getting managers to be able to talk to their staff about sickness and absence and looking at patterns, the way sickness is recorded can actually throw up into light certain patterns of illness, it may be from a certain department has reoccurring illnesses, it may even be within a department those under a particular manager have certain recurring absences. That’s something that isn’t exactly a huge cost but it is just a procedural change. And also the culture and value system of the employer has a relation between that and sickness absence. Inside Finance is very interested in innovative business strategy models and will continue to bring you expert discussion on the subject.
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