Business strategy models for new entrepreneurs

Author: Peter Janes, James Kirk (

Categories: Start up advice
Tags: business philosophy, start up advice, world class
Business strategy models will depend on the size and maturity of the business. In a new business focus can be the difference between mediocre and world class, as Peter Janes explains in this video.

Focused business strategy models

Focus, really. The internet's a big pie and I think with the first business we tried to own, well tried to establish ourselves in many different areas and became mediocre at all of them. Rather than being world class at one. And I think that’s where this business has changed, my philosophy of it, being just world class at something and evolving it from that, rather than, yeah trying to pick of many different markets and many different industries. Yeah I think focus is probably the biggest thing. Keep browsing Inside Finance TV for more shows on business strategy models.  
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