Business strategy models: The role of sick pay policies

Author: Matthew Haswell, James Kirk (

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Business strategy models will involve pre-empting business disruptions and being ready to deal with them. Some issues will be more sensitive than others. In this TV show Matthew Haswell discusses sick pay policy.

Good business strategy models pre-empt difficult situations

The pure cost in terms of sick pay to be paid to someone who is off long term sick is very much reliant on the sick pay policy that the employer has, if they only pay statutory sick pay that’s obviously going to be a fairly low cost, if they have a promise to maintain that individuals salary for say three months, six months, obviously the cost will be higher. What we are finding, particularly in smaller companies is that some employers only tend to think about these kind of strategies when the event occurs. Now it’s very difficult if you don’t actually have a sick pay policy to suddenly try and make one up when someone goes off sick and it’s also very difficult to just say ‘Right we’re going to stop paying you full pay after a month’ if that’s not in contracts of employment or that’s not something that’s been communicated to staff prior to the event of sickness.

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