Businesses with incredible potential

Author: Guy Rigby

Categories: Blowing Industries Apart, Business Growth, Entrepreneurs, Features, Innovation, Success Stories
Tags: community, digital, motivation
Guy Rigby: "You get a total variation of businesses.  I mean one of my favourites last year that we put forward for inclusion in the top 10 was a company called Rock Choir, which if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a marvellous social business effectively where people go off every week and sing together.  And it’s for profit, so it’s a very, very social thing.  I mean I have to say my wife goes and she comes back in such a fantastic mood, I wish she could go every night to be honest.  But no, it’s a really, really fantastic evening. And they’ve built a real business around this.  So this is a community thing, it happens in lots of different cities around the UK, well not even cities, towns, villages etc.  And I believe that they actually culminate with sort of concerts at the O2 and things like that. So everyone getting together, have a great singsong.  And they do rock music, you know, ELO, stuff like that, really good.  So Rock Choir was a business, we had a big hosting company like, you know, companies like ... I’m not going to name names in that area, but they’re ... we had a couple of bathroom companies that were basically selling online.  So technology platforms with Facebook pages, suddenly turning over 20 million a year, amazing how these things are springing up.  So a lot of sort of businesses that are becoming technology enabled and using the internet to grow, and leaving effectively, leaving those whole high street players behind.  We’ve seen it happen haven’t we?"
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