Legal sector dealt with more commercial disputes in recession

Author: Doug Hall, James Kirk (

Categories: Business risk, Consequences of Failure, Restructuring & Recovery
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Legal sector had a change in the types of case brought to them when the economic downturn disrupted businesses across the globe. In this TV show Doug Hall discusses the increase in breach of contract cases.

Legal Sector: The impact of the recession on commercial disputes

Very simply, it may be a cliché but the recession meant that pretty much overnight in some sectors the world changed and the example of the ship building is a prime example of that, in 2007 manufacturers in the far east can’t make enough ships, in 2008 suddenly people operating ships don’t want to buy them anymore, so suddenly the world changes overnight. That creates an impetus for all kinds of breaches to take place, because the world has changed simply. So what we saw after the recession or after the recession started was a big increase in the number of breaches of contract cases, we’ve seen a higher incidence of shareholder disputes and that’s simply there may be longstanding issues between shareholders but when there’s strife, when you’re operating in a difficult environment, maybe those tensions are amplified and they fall out, the same with partnerships, including professional partnerships. We’ve seen actions against professionals which for example arise out of insolvency, so a company goes down because times are tough, and in the lead up to the company going down there’s been issues with what advisors, professionals, auditors have done, there may have been issues with what the directors had done, they were doing their best to save the company but maybe they end up committing a breach of fiduciary duty or selling assets at under value, or getting confused about what’s their money and what’s the companies. Keep browsing the fantastic TV shows on Inside Finance to hear more about how the legal sector deal with business disputes. Look out for more form Doug Hall.
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