Company directors behind bars

Author: David Alexander

Categories: Business risk, Fraud & Corruption, Leadership
Tags: bribery, prevention
David Alexander: "If you’re involved in paying a bribe then that’s a criminal offence and you will be, you know, found guilty, you’ll be sentenced by the court.  As to what the sentence will be, you know, we wait to see.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was somewhere between two and up to ten years.  If you as a company Director are … it’s demonstrated that whilst you didn’t know about the fraud, that you failed to put controls in place and you, as I said, you effectively buried your head in the sand, then again, you could be sanctioned for that, as could the company as well.  It would be a criminal offence for the company.  But all this is going to be led by case law, and therefore that’s why a lot of people are just sort of sitting there now waiting for the first cases to be brought by the FSO to understand how the Bribery Act is going to be rolled out in practice."
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