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In our connected economy it is important for businesses to be social. Google has increased its connectivity with Google Plus, as Bob Barker discusses: So Google is beginning to go social itself. Its Google plus network is only two years old and it’s still working out how best to use that glue. But what they’ve done, if you look at the bar that Google has, when you look at the Google bar, the plus bar is right at the far left. It’s the first thing on the menu. It’s before search. So they see social as very, very important. The thing that Google Plus does, is it gives people an identity within the Google world and it allows people to share content within the Google world, and it allows people to connect with people in the Google world, and they’ve got a real tight integration with everything else that they do. So within Google Plus you have circles of friends. So they’ve been really thinking through how do you operate in the social world. So you can have circles of friends and those circles of friends can also reflect in your Google Mail, so if you want to look at, if you have a particular set of friends you can sort your email by those friends. They also have a free communities application, you can set up communities within that social area, so they’re bringing more and more functionality out. They’ve got hang outs, which is the video conferencing and it’s all integrated into every bit of the system.  So it becomes easier and easier and more integrated to use. So they’re putting a lot of time and effort into this and it’s early days with it, and people are beginning to go onto Google Plus more, because ultimate with all that effort, it’s collating all that content and it’s giving you better search results because it’s part of Google. So if you like, when you’ve used Google Plus and you put content on Google Plus, and you know You Tube is integrated with it too. It’s all that time giving you higher and higher potential to get higher search rankings and being found and being understood is what it’s all about.

In the connected economy online communities continue to grow.

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