Corporate governance issues – Managing expectations

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Corporate governance issues include the relationship between management and staff. In this TV show Rob Wirszycz discusses managing expectations between directors & employees.

Corporate governance issues - Directors vs employees

I think there’s something to be said  for the European Works Council idea, even the Mittelstand in Germany has a Works Council, you know, which is almost like this sort of body that sits below, or even above some, in some cases a Board of Directors.  I think there’s a real case for that.  The UK’s doing okay.  It’s quite public, you know, the data you have to disclose on Companies House and all that kind of stuff and, as I say, with public social media and other stuff, there’s much more disclosure now than there ever was.  So I it’s not a bad place to do business but I think I think there’s still a an us and them between Directors and, if you like, staff, and I think, you know, we should, Directors should explain their role in the business a lot better. I try and for example, tomorrow one of my businesses has got to kick off and what I’m going to be doing is explaining what I do as Chairman.  You know, it will be about two minutes, but I’m just going to explain what I do and how they can use me, or abuse me, I suppose, but I mean  it’s quite important that I make sure that it’s very clear, the role that I’ve got and my expectations of everybody else as well.

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