Corporate Restructuring in law firms

Author: Pamela Sayers, James Kirk (

Categories: Business risk, Mergers, Restructuring & Recovery, Tax Planning
Tags: Legal Services Act, professional practices
Corporate restructuring has followed the recent tax changes for professional practices according to Smith & Williamson's Pamela Sayers.

Tax changes and Corporate Restructuring 

It’s certainly not applying just to law firms. It’s all professional practices. I mean with regards to specifically just law firms, we’ve got the introduction of the Legal Services Act, which became effective last year, and we’re now seeing some firms effectively give up the ownership of their business and be acquired by another entity. Certainly like, for example, the Russell Jones and Walker that was acquired by Slater and Gordon. In fact Smith &Williamson were very heavily involved in that transaction with the corporate finance and the tax structuring. I was involved in that. _______________________________________________________ Inside Finance will continue to follow ideas around corporate restructuring, and will bring you more TV shows from the people involved.
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