Employment structure needs more flexibility

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Employment structure and health and safety are two big business issues that the government is working on according to Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers, who discusses the issues in this TV show.

Employment structure changes

One of the sort of problems with running a business is the health and safety issues. They are way over the top, totally unnecessary. I saw the Prime Minister the other day at Downing Street and we were talking about those issues. They’re certainly trying to make life a bit easier on health and safety. As far as red tape goes that is a complete nightmare you know. I believe that we should be able to hire and fire who we want. Again they are working on it and I genuinely believe that they are going to come up with a much better system. One of the MPs I spoke to actually said that he would like to have a system where we don’t have tribunals. Where we get back to being able to sort it out in the workplace, which would be great and I actually think that will encourage businesses to take on more people knowing that if they have made a mistake or the person isn’t right that we can offset them without it costing us a lot of money. So you know health and safety, red tape, they are causing business problems but I honestly believe that this coalition is doing something about it.  

Inside Finance will continue to follow issues on employment structure and government legislation changes.

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