A Cross border merger industry based on English law

Author: Giles Murphy, James Kirk (

Categories: Business crossing borders, Governance, International, Mergers, Restructuring & Recovery
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A cross border mergers does not only involve 2 firms but 2 countries. In this TV show Giles Murphy explains why English law is often preferred for the contract.

Cross border merger contracts

I think English law is still considered to be a key factor in business transactions, and we do see scenarios where you have businesses from two countries engaging with each other, but the contact will be written under English law because the businesses trust the English courts to resolve any differences.

So there’s a great opportunity to export English law, but to do so it does require firms to have a presence in these other territories, and of course a merger is one way of achieving that.


Inside Finance will continue to look at issues around cross border mergers. Look out for more from Giles Murphy.

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