Cross-profession merging

Author: Giles Murphy, James Kirk (

Categories: Restructuring & Recovery
Tags: accountancy, firms, ICAW, law, mergers, regulatin
Cross-profession merging will soon increase, as Giles Murphy of Smith & Williamson explains in this TV show.

Cross-profession merging and related regulators

I think what we’re expecting to see over the next few years is professions actually from different areas merging with each other. So the obvious example is an accountancy firm merging with a law firm. Now to date regulation has been such that it’s been very difficult to execute a transaction of that nature, but increasingly the regulators are seeing the market in a different way. So, for example, the ICAW is applying to actually be a regulator of law firms. The principle concept behind that is that an accountancy firm can merge with a law firm but still only have the need for one regulator rather than as it currently exists at the moment. If you did try and execute some of these cross-profession mergers you’d end up having to satisfy several regulators at the same time.   If you found this TV show interesting and want to hear more about Cross-profession merging and similar subjects then browse our videos and follow @InsideFinanceTV on Twitter.  
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