Cyber risk vs. cyber terrorism

Author: Seamus Gillen, James Kirk (

Categories: Business risk, Communications, Digital Economy, Fraud & Corruption, Governance, Technology
Tags: business risk, business terrorism, cyber planning, cyber risk, cyber terrorism, digital risk, planning, risk, strategic risk, terrorism
Cyber space is about the virtual world, it’s about the world of the internet, it’s about the world of soft intelligence and all the other intangibles which are not part of the fixed assets of an organisation. Cyber risk is the risk that those assets in cyber space are going to be manipulated or misused. Cyber crime is the use of those assets in cyber space by criminal activity. Cyber terrorism is the use of those assets in cyber space by terrorists. What we’re looking at is a very significant issue that increasingly our assets are invested in cyber space. How do we protect those assets from criminals, from terrorists and from any other people who want to misuse those assets for a purpose other than that which they were intended?
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