Digital economy shakes up the traditional verticals

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The digital economy has changed the way we do business and the way companies work with each other. In this video Julie Meyer explains why she thinks we now live in a digital ecosystem.

Digital economy is an ecosystem

I do think that in the way that we used to refer to verticals we’re going to be referring to ecosystems in the future. So, we used to refer to maybe healthcare as a vertical and now I think of digital health as an ecosystem. I think it just means that these are multi-dimensional markets and that you can’t think of it in the same way. And you have to look at how the digital enablers or start-ups are interacting with the corporates and the process whereby you value any business and the transactions that will get done, whether the funding’s or the acquisitions,  is going to take on that network shape. We won’t just look at it and we won’t, I think, attribute so much value to the Goliaths’. I think there will be, you know, in those five phases of company growth, the companies that get acquired early for big amounts, like Skype in September 05, why does a company that’s in phase two going into phase three get acquired for 2.5 billion? It’s because the strategic value to the acquirer was so high. Why does a company like Beat That Quote which had £250,000 of EBITDA get acquired by Google for 37.7 million? It’s because the strategic value is disproportionately high compared to where they are in those five phases of company growth. There's a set of structures which have become fairly normalised at this point whereby we will analyse what’s going on in the market. And I think that we’ll have to assess – we won’t look at markets in the same way, we have new tools to look at that. And those kind of David and Goliath model five phases of company growth, ecosystem economics, I think these are the ways. I mean, we’ve been looking at this for a very long time and we’re quite convinced now that our set of glasses kind of works. It doesn’t mean that we won’t, you know, explore and develop and understand better and make some mistakes, etc. But we really do… we, we, you know, we had the epiphanies, we looked for the exceptions, we found the patterns and we really do think we have the correct set of glasses.  

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