Digital technology can do almost anything

Author: Graeme Codrington, James Kirk (

Categories: Digital Economy, Technology
Tags: algorithms, machines, world of work
Digital technology could replace almost any business service. In this TV show Graeme Codrington asks what you can offer that computers can't.

Competing with digital technology

Something that people have known a long time with digital technology is that it is going to dis-intermediate. It's going to take out the people who sit in the middle of all sorts of services, and ofcourse the previous economy was all about services, it was about people who sat in the middle, who were able to take information and match you with that necessary information. But Google and Bing and others have really shown us that you can take those people out and put a system, a computer, in the middle. And that really is the big news for the next ten years, that almost any agency, almost any business service, almost anything that could be done at a digital distance, can also be done on the basis of an algorithm. Sure a complex algorithm, sure something that takes in to account thousands of different variables and emotional factors as well, but there is absolutely no reason why those have to be done by human beings, and every single business service, every single agency, needs to be thinking, 'What can we offer that computers can't, what can we do that computers can't do?' And don't fool yourselves to thinking its a long list. We're going to have to find ways to get, its not about being smarter than computers, because you can't do that. It's not about being faster than computers, because you can't do that either. so what is it? What is it for you? __________________________________________________________ If you enjoyed this video about competing with digital technology, why not watch more interviews and briefings on Inside Finance TV
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