Digital technology Google+ has an exciting future

Author: Nigel Huddleston, James Kirk (

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Tags: advertising, click-through, Google Plus, social platform, video content
Digital technology is growing and growing. In this TV show Nigel Huddleston explains why the future of Google+ is exciting for business and pleasure.

Social digital technology

We’re really excited about Google Plus because as a social platform it’s not a standalone, we’re integrating it with search. But it’s really exciting because we’ve not only got more than 400 million unique users, but they’re using it in a really creative way that maybe they aren’t with other social platforms. The video content capability is great, showing photos of course is really, really important. But what we’re seeing from an advertiser’s angle as well is that they’re able to example, link to their Google Plus page in the advertising. We’re seeing a five to ten percent uplift in click through rates, to the link to the Google Plus page. So that’s really important, we call that social extensions. So there’s a meaningful impact from an advertiser’s side in terms of having that Google Plus social platform.

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