Digital world opens dialogue with customers

Author: Charlie Mullins, James Kirk (

Categories: Digital Economy
Tags: customers, digital communities, feedback, online, Social Media, word of mouth
The Digital world allows business to connect with their customers more easily than ever before. Charlie Mullins discusses online feedback.

Digital world increases praise for business

As far as the networks and the internet is going and social gatherings on that. It's very important as word of mouth is what makes a successful business. What we are finding with the internet is we can get feedback from customers that is normally quite positive. Other customers can look at it. The fact that we can interchange all these ideas with people. I have had many people here today say they use the company. People are more inclined now to praise successful businesses. The culture's changing and people in bad times are more appreciative of good business and the more people that are prepared to write about them, especially with the simplicity things of the internet. So for us it has been a wonderful thing.  

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