Never fear failure as an entrepreneur

Author: David Spencer-Percival, James Kirk (

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Great entrepreneurial qualities include being fearless. There are many barriers to success but fear doesn't have to be one of them, as David Spencer-Percival explains in this TV show.

Winning entrepreneurial qualities

Characteristics? I am fearless, I have no fear about anything. I mean when you’ve, I’ve not worked for a year, I’ve been low financially and I think when you have had that sort of experience you’re no really afraid of anything. I have always been very confident, my father was an incredibly gregarious confident individual. I had a good education so I was bright enough to make decisions and really assess situations. I just felt confident so I think that is probably the main thing, confidence and lack of fear. I don’t really fear anything, I don’t fear failure. Inside Finance is very interested in what entrepreneurial qualities can lead to success. Find more great tips for entrepreneurs in our briefing No Fear – Entrepreneurship strategy for new starters
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