Entrepreneurial spirit means an irrational level of persistence

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Entrepreneurial spirit will be portrayed in various parts of a persons character. In this TV show Julie Meyer discusses persistence.

The intensity of an entrepreneurial spirit

I’m fairly good at picking up on how much steel somebody has in their spine.  So, you can tell and it’s not just the level of intensity or the stare that they give you,  it’s more you can kind of sense in how concerted an effort. People betray their level of persistence in many ways and I don’t know how, it’s almost like a neural network after you’ve done it for so long.  But you can kind of sense whether somebody’s going to pull through, for example, with Alastair Lukies of Monitise there’s just something that I felt about him that he was extraordinary and exceptional. And, you know, when he got his first client he secured the first client and he sent me a text message, it was like a Friday night in 2006.  And I remember getting a text message that said, you know, 106 meetings, 76 nights away from my wife, but we have a client today.  And, you know, that’s irrational, that’s obsessive behaviour.  Normal people do not do that, normal people don’t just keep on going. Now, he wasn’t just banging his head against the wall, what he was doing was constantly learning, constantly retargeting, adjusting.  And so the man is extremely smart, which is why Monitise is doing, you know, Monitise will be one of the most important companies ever to have been founded in the United Kingdom.  But it takes an irrational level of persistence.  And I think I’m pretty good at figuring out whether somebody is up for that.

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