Entrepreneurs need more attention

Author: Guy Rigby

Categories: Business Growth, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurs, Getting advice, Innovation, Selling your business, Support and Championing
Tags: community, customer service, entrepreneurship, tailored approach
Guy Rigby: "We think that there’s a gap in the market for entrepreneurs these days. You know, we’re the eighth largest accountancy firm in the UK and we feel that all of those above us and indeed around us aren’t giving this community the attention it needs.  We want to be the all round adviser to entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their goals, you know, getting their ball across whichever line they want to get it across. Okay.  So most accountancy firms do audits and tax.  What they don’t really do is get underneath the skin of the business.  What we try to do is to work for the entrepreneur and then the business.  So effectively what we’re trying to do is to help the entrepreneur get his particular ball across the line, whatever that may be.  It might be to grow a 10 million pound turnover business, it might be to pass it on to his family, it might be to sell it, whatever they want, our job is to help them achieve that.  That’s unusual, you know, it goes beyond doing an audit and a tax computation."
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