Facebook for CEOs – How to become accessible

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Graeme Codrington discusses his use of social media and why Facebook for CEOs is a great way of keeping in touch with the world while travelling:

All my friends and family are on Facebook.  But pretty much anybody and any audience who wants to connect with me can.

I once hit the 5,000 friend limit and then went through and did a massive purge and dropped it down to three and it’s now drifting up over four again.

So when you hit that 5,000 limit you maybe have to think differently.

But for me, Facebook is a place where people can get to know me, me as a person.  And I think some CEOs, some business leaders are starting to see the benefit in doing this as well, in just making yourself accessible.

I’m passionate about cricket and most other sports, but cricket in particular.

I am passionate about my family.  I enjoy travel, although I hate travelling, if you can see the distinction between those two things.

And for me, I just thought, well Facebook is the opportunity for me to just let that all hang out.

In the same step as I’m travelling, as I’m with my family, as I’m watching sport, as I’m engaging with my clients, I’m getting a sense of what’s changing in the world.

Facebook for CEOs is a great way to stay in touch with the world.

Inside Finance will continue to look at the uses of Facebook for CEOs and we will have more videos from Graeme Codrington.


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