Financial impact of breach of contract proven by forensics

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Evidence of financial impact must be shown in court to win a breach of contract case. Doug Hall of Smith & Williamson explains further in this TV show.

Good experts prove financial impact

The adage is something like a good expert may not win you the case but a bad expert can certainly lose you the case. So if you take the sort of work I do where there is some sort of contractual breach, there’s two hurdles broadly to get over before let’s say the claimant gets a good result, firstly it’s to demonstrate liability, that there’s a case to answer. And once you’ve cleared that hurdle it’s pretty pointless if you can’t actually demonstrate that you’ve suffered a loss from it and you can have that loss awarded by the court. So the second limb is quantum, which is what I do. So okay there’s been a breach, liability is established, what’s it worth and therefore what does the claimant get awarded, and similarly from the other side acting for defendants, obviously hopefully to bring down the level of damages that are awarded against them.

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