Financial objectives from a family perspective

Author: Mike Fosberry, James Kirk (

Categories: Cash flow, Family Business, Personal Finance
Tags: Financial objectives, planning
Financial objectives can be achieved with clear goals and perhaps some outsider help. In this TV show Mike Fosberry of Smith & Williamson gives his perspective.

The importance of clear financial objectives

I think the first thing to understand from a family perspective is what are your objectives? What are you trying to achieve with your money?  Is it to look after the current generation? Is it to look after the next generation? So our job and my job is really to ensure that people are helped through that process, in helping them to understand what their objectives are because I think many people almost run their finances in a higgledy piggledy sort of fashion without any true reflection on what their ultimate targets are. And I think that's part of my job, is to discuss that with them and help them appreciate what it is they're looking for. Inside Finance has more videos from Mike Fosberry, and will continue give you food thought regarding your own financial objectives.  
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